I am very interested in the exploration of using psychotropic plant-based medicines like ayahuasca and psilocybin to ease the suffering of people who have experienced trauma, addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I support related nonprofit organisations like ‘VETS’ (veterans for entheogenic therapy)

Married to Julia for 18 years and we have two children – a 17 year-old daughter and 14 year-old son. I work in the computing industry as a Client Director at Intel. Served in the Royal Marines for 6 years and completed 3 tours of duty on active service. I returned to serve as a reservist (and a sucker for punishment) 20 years later as the oldest front line commando in Helmand, Afghanistan.

I can thank the Marines for giving me a high tolerance to mud and so in the summer you will find me with my family and some of my oldest friends camping at Glastonbury, where I’ll be feeling like I’ve won the lottery for a few precious days.

I have enjoyed travelling to over forty countries on five continents. Given the opportunity, I would spend my entire life doing just that and then writing about it.

Psychedelic Marine

After returning from a tour of duty during the war in Afghanistan, Alex Seymour needed a way to cope with the extremes he experienced as a member of the Royal Marine Commandos, losing 7 men in his unit, and having his best friend critically injured by a Taliban bomb. Drawing upon his pre-deployment experiences with DMT and psilocybin mushrooms, Alex knew that entheogens could help him release his fears and traumas. But he also knew that simply taking psychedelics wasn’t enough–he needed ceremony, something sacred to draw meaning from his experiences, to help him reassess not only the war and his role in it, but his entire life. So he set out for the Amazon in search of the hallucinogenic brew known as ayahuasca and a shaman to guide him. The result is a crazy, page-turning adventure where he journeys deep into the jungle and himself.

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Documentary filming

August 18, 2017

In August I was taking part in a retreat for war veterans, which will be turned in to a documentary….

Reviews of Psychedelic Marine

…a rare book that both acknowledges the transformative power of war with its confrontation with death and the transformative power of psychedelics, with the confrontation with ego death. Sometimes it takes more courage to face one’s inner world than to face enemies in the outer world. I read this book cover to cover and recommend others do so as well.

Rick Doblin, executive director of MAPS

Alex Seymour deployed to Afghanistan to test himself and rediscover his full potential through warfare. Little did he know it was a stepping stone to his hardest test as a warrior–taking ayahuasca in the jungle in Peru where he would surrender to his greatest fears and find that the ultimate answers had been inside himself all along.

Ian Benouis, West Point graduate, former Black Hawk helicopter pilot and combat veteran, and cannabi